Phoenix Rising Mural

Photograph:  Theo Lipscomb

Photograph:  Theo Lipscomb

Have you noticed the beautiful mural painted on the wall of 954-956 N. 27th Street?  The mural was conceived and sponsored by the building owner, Attorney Charles J. Hausmann.  Mr. Hausmann was born and raised in Milwaukee’s West End on 38th and State Street.  The mural designer and artist, Kate Madigan, was trained at the University of San Francisco School of Art and is Mr. Hausmann’s stepdaughter.

Mr. Hausmann explains that the mural is a depiction of a phoenix arising from the flames and ashes, which is representative of rebirth and rising again.  The backdrop of the mural represents buildings and homes in the West End which proceed from left to right from some of the more depressed dilapidated buildings to some of the more beautiful and unique housing in the area.  As you progress to the right in the mural, some of the more structurally beautiful landmark churches and the Shrine Temple are portrayed showing some of Milwaukee’s premier architecture in the West End area.

The near west side area, was once down and depressed, but is now in an era of rebirth and reconstruction.  The progression in the cityscape on the top portion of the mural depicts the evolution and hopefully the continued rebirth and reconstruction of the area that was once Milwaukee’s gold coast.  The sky in the mural goes from dark red to bright orange representative of brighter, happier days as we progress through rising-uplifting times of rebirth and regeneration of our neighborhood and ourselves.

The mural is dedicated to a neighborhood and all people who have been down, depressed and troubled but through their own strength and ingenuity are rising again – therefore the symbolism of the rising phoenix.

Description of mural:  Charles Hausmann