Our annual home tour is great but it happens just once per year and features a limited number of buildings.  This self-guided walking / driving tour helps you explore Historic Concordia in person or virtually whenever and wherever you want. It is especially designed for your smartphone or tablet but will be available for desktop computers as well.

Read or listen to descriptions of each house, it's history and often something about their most famous residents. Many houses include a photo gallery and/or a virtual tour of the inside.

You can view the entire collection or be routed to just the most significant locations such as homes of world famous beer barons and captains of industry. The app shows you neighborhood homes for sale, in case you feel inspired, and select local businesses such as restaurants. An interactive Google map will help guide you.

Visit in person of explore virtually from anywhere on the globe, 24/7/365. Scan the QR Code below with your phone or tablet to take the tour, click the button to open the tour here or use this url: hcni.org/virtualtour.