Historic Concordia is undergoing a revival. There's a new spirit in the air, and great optimism from residents. Families have moved back to the neighborhood to purchase and lovingly restore homes and mansions to their former glory. People from the suburbs are beginning to discover what longtime residents have known for years: commutes to work are minutes, not hours; housing dollars go further here; and the old-world craftsmanship found in midsize homes and large mansions alike can't be purchased for any price today.

But HCNI is more than just loving old houses. People look out for one another here. The community is growing stronger as bonds between neighbors have strengthened. Historic Concordia runs home tours to educate the public, and stays active to make sure that landlords and homeowners are taking care of property. And we're making our neighborhood a better place through community service projects.

We're staying right here, but our neighborhood is really going places. Come in. Look around. Talk to a neighbor and learn a little about us.

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Where We've Been

Many of Historic Concordia's great mansions were lost to the wrecking ball in the 50s, 60s and 70s. That's why preservation is one of the main missions of Historic Concordia Neighbors, Inc. Large homes were converted to rooming houses, and other houses were rented out by neglectful, absentee landlords more interested in making a buck than keeping their properties in good repair.

Happily, some neighborhood residents in the mid 80s decided to stop the decline, forming Historic Concordia Neighbors, Inc. (HCNI). The organization moved to set borders for a historically designated area and, with the help of the City of Milwaukee's Office of Historic Preservation, began working with owners to repair, restore and increase the value of properties. The Concordia Neighborhood is now listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Because of the large Victorian Homes, affordable prices and convenient location, Historic Concordia was designated as The Milwaukee Bed and Breakfast District in 2000. There are several mansions that have been restored and opened as B&B’s


Historical Photos