“When our family was looking for a home, we looked in several neighborhoods, but this area immediately caught our attention. It's truly minutes from downtown, shopping areas, and entertainment venues. My wife fell in love with the trees along State Street and was impressed with how diverse the neighborhood is. We know this neighborhood will continue to get better and we are very proud to live in the Historic Concordia Neighborhood.”

- Lawrence & Pam (2006)


"I really value the way I feel accepted, welcomed and 'looked after' by all my neighbors... from the veterans who ask about my dogs to the various neighbors who snow blow my walks. People offer encouragement and advice which helps me manage my big, old house."

- Cynthia (2008)

"We're enjoying the variety of people who live here - friendly and helpful. Love the proximity to downtown, the festivals, theatre district, and great places to eat.."

- Tom & Julie (2007)

" We were living in China, and then moved back to the States o the East Side. We fell in love with the house on the first sight and moved in with our baby boy. Then we learned about Concordia's rich Milwaukee history, which was a pleasant surprise. We purchased our home at the same time as 13 other families - it was an instant neighborhood. We were part of a babysitting co-op, book club, and round robin dinners. Karen created her block club, and we had many block parties. Memorable moments include the home tour when the neighbors get to see each other after the long winter. Its a great time to reconnect on an annual basis. Our experiences in Concordia has always been positive."

- Peter& Karen (1984)

“We love our block; we have gotten very close to everyone. At one point there were several people all pregnant at the same time including us. We've gone through a lot together, shared in births and deaths, watched daughters grow up with other kids, and experienced many memorable moments together including great block parties and hanging out on front porches. Very special.”

- John & Sally (1985)


"We came for the beautiful old houses and the advantages of urban living. But we stay for the old-fashioned trick-or-treat, Christmas caroling, borrowing items (ladders, cement mixers, whatever), and eating at least once a week with a different neighbor. They started out as neighbors but ended up as friends who just live really close."

- Michael & Carolina (2002)

"Would likely not have considered this neighborhood at all but for aggressive recruiting from friends who live here. They introduced us to other neighbors. We liked the character of the houses and the people we met - ended up only looking at houses in Concordia."

- Jeremy & Michelle (2009)

“We were not house hunting. My wife had a bad habit of looking at houses on the internet at night. She saw this house, and we went to look at it on a Sunday night in July. We fell in love with the house, but we were nervous about the neighborhood. We saw neighbors sitting on their porches and kids playing in the yards. We talked with the neighbors, and they told us what a wonderful community this would be to raise our three sons. Their testimonials sealed the deal. We now know that everything they told us was true ten times over.”

- Chris & Jennifer (2008)

"Beyond the pride and enjoyment of being caretakers to our historic home, we both feel part of a real neighborhood where people care about each other. This is an urban neighborhood with a slightly suburban feel - in a unique way. We enjoy the cultural and age diversity, a glass of wine with the next door neighbor, and the surprise of waking up on a  winter morning to find our walk was shoveled by a neighbor. We're glad to see many newcomers discovering this neighborhood gem, only minutes from downtown."

- Don & Karen (1989)


"We love the proximity to everything -  a downtown feel while still having a yard (big selling point for us and our two boys), the diversity of the neighbors, quality of the housing stock, living among stately mansions and being in the 'heart of it all'. We've seen a lot of houses being renovated since moving here. We have many friends here."

- Todd & Allyson (2004)

"Memorable moments? The 'peanut gallery' that appears anytime you have any sort of project... and the offers to help. Neighbors in a snow storm pushing my car back up the driveway after getting stuck on the way to work, inviting me to warm up in front of the fire, giving me dry socks and drinking Sprecher Black Bavarian at 8 in the morning... aahhh."

- John and Sally (1985)

“I love that there are so many people who have chosen this neighborhood to raise their children. My husband, Dennis, and I enjoy sitting on our front porch after dinner. Hearing the sounds of children at play all around us is music to my ears. If it does indeed take a village to raise a child, then our neighborhood children are being well raised in the Concordia 'village'. They experience all forms of demographic diversity right outside their front door. What a wonderful foundation for this next generation. Doesn't every parent want this for their child? And on top of it all, we have exceptional houses at great prices!”

- Eileen (1993)