Official Rules:


  • All work will be 2d, reliefs are acceptable.
  • Any drawing or painting medium is acceptable. No photography.
  • Work shall not exceed 18 x 24”,
  • The contest will be limited to the first 50 entrants.
  • Participants must check in at The Mobile Design Box from 8am to 10 am. June 16th 2018 for canvas stamping.
  • All work must be completed and turned in at The Mobile Design Box between 4pm – 6pm on June 16th 2018.
  • All work must done on site within the Historic Concordia neighborhood.
  • Winners will be chosen by popular vote of the HCNI members.
  • Should voting result in a tie, the winner will be chosen by drawing.
  • A mimosa reception will be held Sunday June 17th from 11am to 1pm to announce the winners.
  • Participants will be allowed access to the HCNI home tour at no cost.
  • HCNI reserves the right to use any images from the contest for promotional purposes -- with full credit to the artist
  • Reserve your place.   RSVP:

At a Glance

Saturday June 16th
8am to 6pm

Mobile Design Box
753 North 27th St
8am to 10am

Reserve Your Place


  • Any sales that may arise will be handled by the individual artist who created the work. No commissions will be taken.
  • Participants are responsible for compliance with any applicable  laws regarding prize money and sales.
  • Any sold work is the participants responsibility to make arrangements with the buyer for delivery after the July 13th show end.
  • The work will be on display through July 13th at The Mobile Design Box. The gallery will be opened by appointment.
  • All work must be picked up July 14th or 15th  between 1pm-5pm.


Second:  $250

First: $500

Third:  $100

All work to be displayed at The Mobile Design Box through July 13th, 2018